LeAnne Howell Bio


  • STOTT Pilates Certified
    • Mat
    • Reformer
    • Cadillac, Chair, and Barrels
    • Injuries and Special Populations (ISP) accreditation
    • Stabalization of the Lumbo-Pelvic Region
    • Athletic Conditioning
  • ZEN*GA

Hatha Yoga 200RYT.

Owner and Instructor

Goldsboro, N.C.

Favorite Sayings:
You’ll be fine! Off your meat and on your feet!

What drew you to the fitness world?
I did ballet for years. Then about 10 years ago I was stuck in a rut with my job and discovered Pilates and yoga. I really enjoyed it and there was just something about it that I connected with. So, in 2010 I took a leap of faith and started the process to become a certified STOTT Pilates instructor.

What do you enjoy about working with clients at Studio 3 FIVE 8?
I personally know how beneficial Pilates and a commitment to being healthy can be, and I like sharing that with my clients. I enjoy seeing them move better and have improved body awareness.

Why did you decide to go into business for yourself with Studio 3 FIVE 8?
I was teaching different classes and working with clients at studios all over Charlotte and in the Lake Norman area. After a while, I just decided to teach all of my favorite things in one spot. I’ve honed my practice over the years and learned more and more about what works well for my clients. Private and semi-private instruction just seems to be a better fit, and it allows me to focus on each person’s particular needs, rather than creating “cookie-cutter,” one-size-fits-all workouts. I like the personalized approach and I feel that my clients benefit from it as well.

What’s the main thing you want people to know about Studio 3 FIVE 8?
I’ve developed Studio 3 FIVE 8 to focus on personalized workout experiences instead of an atmosphere where people feel like they’re just a number, overwhelmed or lost in a large class. I’m dedicated to individualized attention with our small group classes, private and duet sessions. If you commit to being part of a group working toward wellness, we’ll have fun along the way!


20700 N. Main St, Ste. 114
Cornelius, NC 28031

Phone: 704.202.1564

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